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The Birth Recovery Coach

The Birth Recovery Coach

Your postnatal exercise specialist helping you THRIVE as a Mum, not just survive!

Hello and a very warm welcome to my website! My name is Lucy, and I am a coach for Mums, a Matrescence Activist and a Mum. 


I specialise in pregnancy and postnatal wellbeing; using a combination of coaching, exercise and/or yoga tuition to help you thrive in motherhood not just survive. — I also use the divine art of infant massage for mums, dads, partners or older siblings to help bond with and warmly welcome the new family member.


I'm based in Caversham, Reading, UK and I offer both 1:1 and small group coaching sessions in person or online. I also teach classes online and in the Reading area.


I help mums become more resilient and stronger in mind and body.


I am a Birth Recovery Coach because I am passionate about helping women heal and thrive, physically and emotionally after birth. Whether your birth experience was super tough or not, pregnancy, labour and the transition into motherhood (matrescence) is a BIG thing to go through and we certainly need to take care of our changed body — and entire being — once baby/babies arrive. 

I am a coach for Mums, perinatal exercise specialist personal trainer and I've been working in movement, the body and wellbeing for almost 20 years. After University, I started working as a dance teacher at a top London gym, then added more strings to my bow; by becoming a studio instructor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, baby massage instructor, and most recently a matrescence activist.

I am very passionate about mental health as well as looking after the body, and enjoying the body for all that it is capable of. My style of movement teaching helps to stretch, gently strengthen and release — always with an awareness of the breath — therefore reducing tension and improving posture. 

Topics we may explore:

  • Exploring your values as a woman and a mother (dropping the “shoulds” and being true to yourself)

  • Gaining clarity on your needs and deepest desires

  • Setting and maintaining boundaries

  • Learning to love and accept yourself for who you really are

  • Managing expectations of yourself and others

  • Uncovering your purpose

  • Taking ownership of your life and agency

  • Prioritising what truly matters to you

  • Learn about and build your emotional intelligence toolbox

  • How to have tough conversations with others

  • Reverence for the body’s wisdom: Tapping into your bodily sensations to make decisions

  • Being open to welcoming more joy, pleasure and ease in your life

Start your journey of recovery with personal coaching

This is an informal, confidential and non-judgemental chat; your chance to be totally honest and to tell me what you'd like help with and how I can assist you. Answer in your pyjamas or whilst your baby is having a feed — it's more than fine. Book your call here. (Can be a video call or phone call.)

Book a free 30-minute call with me.

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Notes of gratitude...

"Your class was exactly what I needed last night. Don't know if this sounds weird but I just felt very safe and secure, it was lovely. Something about the way you teach."


"Thank you for being understanding, listening, honestly sharing your experience (in a non-triggering way) and for raising awareness of postnatal health issues. You were a lifeline when I felt confused, really sad and I had limited support so thank you for being someone I could trust and open up to."


"My best result from working with Lucy? Self belief! The faith Lucy had in me that I could achieve has given me the self belief that I can and I am. I can’t recommend Lucy enough, she has shown me that I can."




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