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Notes of gratitude…

“Hi Lucy. Even though we never met, just seeing your lovely friendly face every week made it feel like Matilda and I were making a connection with someone else outside our home which was really important during lockdown. Lots of Matilda’s firsts were during your classes — lifting her head during tummy time to watch you on the screen, rolling over when I was trying to massage her tummy and she wanted to be on her front, and waving goodbye to you at the end of the class. So thanks for being there to support us, even though it was virtual.”  Katy

“Your class was exactly what I needed last night. Don't know if this sounds weird but I just felt very safe and secure, it was lovely. Something about the way you teach .”  Naomi

“I am so grateful I decided to watch your video all those months ago and I had the courage to get in touch with you. It has been a challenging year but I have learnt so much about myself; what makes me tick and my inner strength. Thank you for being understanding, listening, honestly sharing your experience (in a non-triggering way) and for raising awareness of postnatal health issues. You were a lifeline when I felt confused, really sad and I had limited support so thank you for being someone I could trust and open up to.”  Rosie

“In that week that I was in Reading in 2018 I went to as many yoga classes as I could. Yours stood out as something very special. I’m sure we will meet again.”  Gill, from Spain

“We struggled to bond and breast feeding broke down, so I started your classes as a way to bond with my daughter. I developed PTSD from the birth and your class gives us that much needed 'me time'. I have to say I throughly enjoy your classes. They bring out the best of smiles from Erin and make me feel really emotional in a good way. You have become a regular part of our night time routine which now includes “nappy free time” which I loving refer to as “wild and free time”; a massage, followed by a skin to skin cuddle, then a bath. She loves this routine and I must say our bond has grown. So thanks again for your classes that now bring a smile to both our faces in these strange and difficult times.”  Helen

“I started training with Lucy a year after my second child was born, when my own efforts to shape up weren't amounting to much — a combination of lack of discipline to exercise regularly, knowledge of how to tone up my post-pregnancy body, and actually pushing myself hard enough to make any difference! Lucy totally understood what I wanted to achieve from our sessions and put together a training plan which I absolutely enjoyed and looked forward to doing.  Within 2 months I had bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans and was getting complimented by everyone on how good I was looking! Her boundless enthusiasm and enormous smile make her an absolute pleasure to train with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”  Jo

“Working with Lucy on my fitness has been great, Lucy has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being not just my muscles. No shouting, no humiliation just pure encouragement and belief. 
Lucy made sure I provided food diaries so that my diet was providing what I needed to meet my goals alongside the exercise which was so important and something I’ve found others don’t consider. But Lucy’s support also went as far as my mental health, when I had a really down period we still exercised but Lucy listened and listened without judgement and was determined to help me through what was happening, not just throughout our session but also in the time after with checking up on me, and also sending me advice, contacts or links to things she believed would help me. Beyond the call of duty… is definitely a phrase suited to Lucy. My best result from working with Lucy? Self belief! The faith Lucy had in me that I could achieve has given me the self belief that I can and I am. I can’t recommend Lucy enough, she has shown me that I can."  Hannah

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