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You and Your Vagina after a Baby

Hello lovely mums. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Or begin reading this should I say? Because you may be beckoned for an *'emergency' before you finish it. — *My friend's husband once called her down from upstairs, saying "it's an emergency!" when it was only a child having a poo on the floor. Dear-o-dear... I hope that made you giggle!

Now... Remember what I said about 'you matter'? Well of course that means your vagina — and all of it's incredible functions — matters too. Wouldn't you like to feel comfortable down there, and in control? During a pee, during a poo, and during sex? (Sorry, those things do NOT belong in the same sentence!) And you deserve to, so please believe that. If you're struggling to make it to the loo on time or leaking during exercise, some people may tell you that it's 'just what happens' after having a baby. I'm here to declare that's not true for all, by any means and there is so much help out there if you speak up and express your concerns to a professional like myself or a women's health physio, or someone trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Your anus (and therefore going for a poo) may also have been affected, if you've had an episiotomy or problems with constipation. I remember trying to pooafter my c-section and it was AWFUL. Yes it's funny in some ways but it's also not fun, right?

It's possible your vagina (or the area around it) has been cut and/or stretched and your pelvic floor has certainly had pressure placed upon it. If you have a planned c-section and don't go into labour you have still had your growing baby/babies resting on your pelvic floor, causing even mild strain. — Think of it like a sling or hammock. If you have been doing exercise during your pregnancy that involves impact e.g. running, jumping or heavy lifting (I'm talking Crossfit lovers and the like), that will cause more pressure still on the pelvic floor.

But let's spin that on it's head and despite the stretch and strainknow that great change and progress can be made. Just like Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music', please repeat the words "I have confidence in me" :) With the right help and a little commitment, you can and willfeel in control, stronger, sexier and more empowered than perhaps you do now. Not just after what you have gone through, but because of it.

Did you know that women in France are all given postnatal physiotherapy as standard recovery after birth? Working on scar tissue in your vagina or anus can help to feel more easeful and avoid tweaks of pain that are common after even small surgical procedures. Also sex is more important than us Brits tend to want to talk about.It is a big part of a relationship, and can help you get closer or drift apart as a couple. So please tell someone if you're feeling bothered by what's going on 'down there' post-birth. And remember I offer a complementary post-birth check in chat so book in and I can refer you to those I know could help if I can't myself.

Love and healing wishes to all of you xx

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