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Working with me...

After your free 30-minute call and if we decide to work together, the next step is to book a 75-minute session to start our coaching journey. (All subsequent sessions are 60-minutes long.)


This first session is partly a consultation; for me to take notes on where you've been in your wellness journey, and what you'd REALLY like to feel from working with me. I am here to listen to what you wish to share and express, and what may be preventing you, at present, from getting where you want to be with your wellbeing and ability to thrive. As a Mama and as a woman.


I truly believe we all deserve to feel GOOD and more ease. Yet too many Mamas feel frazzled. Motherhood is full of treasures and troubles, and I aim to help you unearth more of those gems! Whether it is helping you to feel strong again and pain free or to shift your mindset and reduce anxiety, there is lots we can do… hand in hand, together!

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In our first session I will take a look at your posture (with baby asleep in arms if need be) and invite you to do some basic movement patterns so I can gauge what areas need strengthening, loosening and rehabilitating. I will also offer you some stretches to create greater ease. Do I hear a sigh of relief? Or perhaps your neck and shoulders say "yes pleeeease"? 


Beyond this first session, you have the option of meeting with me once, twice or three times a week. For my basic package your investment starts at £400 a month (depending on travel time if in person) and includes:

  • A weekly 60-minute coaching session with movement or talking or a combination of both

  • Whatsapp support outside of our sessions

  • Non-judgemental food diary analysis and nutritional guidance

  • A video session for you to do as homework if you wish (refreshed each month)

  • My own branded 'tips sheets' to look at or stick up at home to help inspire, motivate and guide you